Thursday, April 12, 2012

Table It!...Part 21...Ribbons or Word "Outs" Properties

Click once to display a larger version of the ribbons, and then press the Esc key to close it.

Word 2007/2010 users have a ribbon rather than a menu. After you click in a table, the ribbon updates to include Table Tools with Design and Layout tabs. They appear only when your cursor is in a table. 

If you display a larger version of the graphic above (or open a Word document and click in a table), you can see the various options that are included on the ribbon. If you've read the posts for the 2003 menu, you should recognize many of the options that appear on these tabs. In addition, you should see that many of the tasks you do in Table Properties are out on the ribbons. The availability of these options on the ribbon means less clicking for you. 

This post is just to introduce the ribbon. In my next post, we'll start going through the options on the ribbon. 

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