Saturday, April 14, 2012

GenealogyInTime Enables Pinning to Pinterest

GenealogyInTime is a sleeper online genealogy magazine. Most people find out about it by word of mouth...or email...or blog post. I've read this magazine on and off for about two years now and I've got to say it's usually way ahead of the curve. It's also well written and covers a wide variety of topics. They have the best Google instructions I've ever seen. The magazine is free. All you have to do is subscribe to get a notice in your email that a new issue is available. They also offer an RSS feed and they are on Twitter.

In keeping with their front runner status, GenealogyInTime has come out with a Pinterest policy. They have set up some of the more popular images on their site to allow pinning.

If you've never encountered GenealogyInTime, you perhaps might want to cruise on by their site and see what's up. I've certainly enjoyed my visits.

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