Friday, August 3, 2012

Push Pins in Word 2007 and 2010

When you open a document, Word automatically adds the document to a Recent Documents list. The thinking is that the document is one that you are working on and that you'll want to come back to it soon. As you open other documents, a previously opened document moves down the list unless you open it again. Eventually, the document rotates off of the list. If you happen to have a document that you want to have stay on this list regardless of how many other documents you open and close, you can pin the document to the Recent Documents list. 

Each time you open a document, Word places a push pin icon to the right of the document. Click the push pin and Word places the document at the top of the list and changes the push pin to a pin icon and draws a dividing line so you know to look above the line for pinned documents.

When you no longer need to have the document pinned, click the pin icon and Word moves the document back into the general list. The document rotates off of the list in due course.

The push pin icon is a common icon that you see in many programs. So when you see them, click them and see what gets pinned and where.

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