Monday, June 28, 2010

Succesfully Redirected Go Daddy Account

Yeah! Redirecting the Go Daddy link to this blog was a piece of cake. Go Daddy had improved its much easier.

So far I've complete four articles for the FSGS Journal (Cori is happy) and a new Paint presentation. I've been playing with paint for a long time now. You can do all sorts of interesting stuff with it. Now all Pattie and I need to do is come up with a few more tools that we use that others most like don't know about and we'll have another mix and match favorite kind.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Playing with Google Blogs

While playing with my family research blog, it occurred to me that Pattie and I would have an easier time maintaining a blog than we have had maintaining a website. The big complication is that my provider account is difficult to access and quirky to use. And it's a limited access account so that Pattie couldn't just drop in and change something when she wanted to do so. Indeed, the reason that I set up a personal family research blog was the ease of use. So I talked to Pattie and she said, "Go for it!" Thus we have a blog.

I'm hoping that Pattie and I will be able to report on the new discoveries, announce new presentations, and have a bit of fun. We'll see.