Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fillable Family Group Sheet

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When I check the statistics on this blog, there seem to be lots of queries for these types of forms. As a convenience, I have set up a download from my SkyDrive account for the form I created for an earlier set of posts--a fillable family group sheet.

To download the form:
  1. Click here to open a copy of a fillable family group sheet. The SkyDrive navigation page displays.
  2. Select File, and then Save As. A big Download button displays on the right.
  3. Select Download, and save the form to a location on your system. 
  4. When you open the file, click the Enable Editing button at the top of the page. 
The Form
The form you downloaded to your system is a fully functioning MS Word 2010 document that is protected, which prevents editing. Most forms you find online are PDFs that you can't edit.

If you would like to edit the document, you need to stop enforcing protection. If you need help, click here to see the post that talks about starting and stopping protection.

The password to stop protection is form.

Suggested Use
Confirm that the form is protect from editing. Fill in the fields at the top of the form with your project name and contact info. Save the form and attach it to an email you are sending to a person who you want to have fill out the form. In your email, you might want to include instructions. For example:

The attached form is an electronic fillable form. Save a copy of the form to your system, triple click in the first field to start using the form, complete all of the fields you can, and email the completed form back to me. Thank you for your time and attention to this request.

Post a comment if you have a problem and I'll try to help.

P.S. If you happen to mess up the form while editing, download another copy and try working with the form again.

This sample shows the multi-page form that you can download.


  1. Hi. You can edit, upload and download PDF forms here.

    You can fill the text fields, add a variety of checkmarks, digitally sign the form and even add pictures. After your pdf form is completed, it can be printed, emailed, faxed or saved on your computer. You can even send fillable pdf forms to your customers, employees, vendors and partners.

  2. I am having trouble entering dates. It seems to only accept years from 1910-present. I need to go further back than this and it is saying the date is invalid with anything pre 1910.

    1. Sorry it's taken me forever to respond. I've had a lot going on. Go to the Home page for the latest post to this blog and you'll find a link to an updated form. I converted the date fields to text fields, which should solve the problem.