Monday, April 23, 2012

More Please...Part 1

Display the Find and Replace Dialog
Word 2007/2010: Open a document, click the Find drop-down arrow on the Home tab, and then select Advanced Find. The other option is to click Find, click drop-down arrow beside the search field, and then select Advanced Find

Word 2003:  
Press Ctrl + F. This method also works in later versions of Word. 

Most users learn to use the basic Find function and perhaps the Replace function. I've said something about the Find functions before. See Word "Find Next" Workaround

Did you ever press the More button at the bottom of the Find and Replace dialog? When you click More, the button name changes to Less and the dialog opens additional options you can use to refine a search. When you click Less, the system hides the additional options. 

I'm not going to get into it much in this post. However, you might want to open Word and take a look at some of these options. We'll go through them is upcoming posts. 

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