Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sorry to have stopped posting with no explanation. I had to break off to go to a funeral in New Orleans. The sad event was the death of my cousin's child, Brandy Elizabeth DuQuesne. She was a lovely young woman in all aspects and she will be missed by so many for so very long.

The disconcerting/funny event was that I had an ex-fiancee (initials LSA) from 35 years ago come to the funeral home with extended family. After all these years, LSA offered an explanation of why he was such an ass to me and lots of other people all those years ago. It was delivered with the overtones of an apology and the piece of information that he is a different person now. After pondering this occurrence for a few days, I've decided he hasn't changed one damn bit and I made the right choice to dump him all those years ago. Who would approach someone (at a funeral yet) with this drivel from 35 years ago except a self-centered ass? LSA took no note of how I might react, how my current beau (initials GWN) might react, or how my grieving family might react to this disruption. I certainly hope LSA's guilt was assuaged with this little performance. The upshot of whole episode is that I'm bemused (and more than a little amused) and my beloved beau GWN now has years of material with which to tease me. 

I also spent some extra time with my 80 year old mother, which I've needed to do for a long time. And, I caught up with a friend or two while in New Orleans. 

All of this has made for a very busy several days. However, things are settling back down now and I'll get back to posting part 6 (and parts beyond) tomorrow p.m.   

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