Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tips for the Mac version of Word

I’ve been asked if the tips I’ve been posting could be used by a Mac Word user. I’m not a Mac user; however, finding information about the topic was easy. A quick Google search brought me to an MVPS website that explains the differences. Here’s the address for the website:

According to this website, two keystrokes are the primary difference between the Windows (PC) and Apple (Mac) versions of Word.

Ctrl Key: When PC instructions say to use the control (Ctrl) key, a Mac user would select the Command key. For example, Ctrl + C on a PC is copy. The same command on a Mac is Command + C.

Right-Click: When Windows instructions say to right-click, a Mac user would select the Control key, and then click. On the Mac keyboard, the Control key is a symbol, which you can see when you visit the website.

In addition, the website includes a list of keyboard equivalents for Mac users along with complete information on other differences.

So the answer to the question of whether these tips would work for a Mac user is yes if you make the appropriate substitutions.

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