Thursday, October 11, 2012

Forming Up Your Genealogy--Part 20--Ribbon Custom Tab

To add a new tab:
  1. See the previous post to display the Customize Ribbon dialog. 
  2. In the list on the right, click the New Tab button. Word adds a new tab to the list.

To rename New Tab and New Group:
  1. Click the New Tab (Custom), and then click the Rename button. A rename dialog appears. 
  2. Enter the tab name Forms Tab...or any name that makes sense to you..., and then click OK
  3. Click the New Group (Custom), and then click the Rename button. A rename dialog appears.
  4. Enter the group name Text, and then click OK
To add new groups:
  1. With your cursor on the Text group, click the New Group button. Word add a New Group (Custom) entry to the list.
  2. Rename the new group Check Box
To get the tab that I use, repeat these instructions to add these groups:
  • Text (Custom)...Already done!
  • Check Box (Custom)...Already done!
  • Combo Box (Custom)
  • Other Buttons (Custom)
The following groups are can choose to add them or not.
  • Align Bottom (Custom)
  • Align Center (Custom)
  • Align Top (Custom)
I add the align buttons so that I don't have to constantly click another tab to align text within the table I most likely will add when creating a form. The cell alignment is available on the right-click pop-up menu too.

So adding the buttons on the ribbon might be overkill for you. Or, you might want to have other buttons at hand on the ribbon. Group names appear below the buttons and cause the buttons to spread out over the width of the ribbon rather than bunching up in a few crowded groups.

To add buttons:
  1. Click the group name Text. This group is the first group to which we will be adding buttons. 
  2. From the Choose commands from drop-down list on the left, select Commands Not in the Ribbon. The list below updates with command that do not appear on ribbons.

  3. In the Commands Not in the Ribbon list, look for Text Field (Form Control).

  4. Click Text Field (Form Control) and hold your mouse key to grab it. 
  5. Drag and drop Text Field (Form Control) over the group name Text. Word add the buttons to the group. 
Repeat these steps to add buttons to groups so that you have the following structure.
  • Text (Custom)
    Text Field (Form Control)...Shows as Edit Box button on tab...
    Form Field Options...Shows as Properties button on tab...
  • Check Box (Custom)
    Check Box (Form Control)
  • Combo Box (Custom)
    Combo box (Form Control)
  • Other Buttons (Custom)
    Reset Form Fields
    Restrict Editing...You'll find this button on the All Commands list...See below.
    Legacy Tools
    ...You'll find this button on the All Commands list too...Shows the drop-down with all of the tools...Add it just in case.

You now know how to add a tab, add groups, and add buttons to a group. I'm going to let you experiment with any additional groups and buttons you might want to add to your custom forms tab.

Next post, we'll talk about using the buttons on your new custom tab. 

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