Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Forming Up Your Genealogy--Part 19--Ribbon Custom Tab

If you envision a create fillable forms festival, you might want to consider adding a custom tab to the ribbon with the buttons and tools you need to create the forms.

Here's what my custom tab looks like.
Click graphic to see larger version.
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To display Word Options and the Customize Ribbon:

  1. Display Word Options.
  2. --Word 2007: Click the MS Office button, and then click Word Options.
    --Word 2010: Click File, and then Options.
    The World Options dialog appears. 
  3. Select Customize Ribbon and the options appear. 

If you have the Designer tab appearing in your ribbon, you've used this dialog before because the Designer tab gets turned on in the dialog. The dialog is divided into parts. 
  • The lift side includes commands that can be added to tabs. As you can see from the drop-down list at the top, not all commands appear on ribbons. In addition, several other options are on the list. When you select different option, the list related commands below updates. Commands Not in the Ribbon is the option you will be using to get a list of commands. It's long!
  • The Add and Remove buttons allow you to move commands from the list on the left to a tab on the right and vice versa.
  • The right side includes the tabs that appear on the ribbon. Using the buttons below the tabs list, you can add a new tab, a new group, or rename a tab or group among other tasks. 

In the next post, we'll actually add the custom tab with the form and alignment buttons, which are the buttons I use. You'll also see how you can add other buttons you might find useful on your custom tab.

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