Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinterest and the long awaited Android download

The developers at Pinterest have created a download for Android devices. Yeah! An Android version has been one of their most requested items for a long time. When I downloaded it about 1/2 hour ago, less than 12,000 people had discovered it. So I'm guessing that it's relatively new.

When you shop for apps, it's a freebie. After you download and open it, you end up on what appears to be an Everything page. The page includes buttons at the top:
  • Topic search to see categories (or swipe right)
  • Create pin to take a photo or choose a photo
  • People search to see followers and following (or swipe left)
    --Click your name to see your boards, pins, likes, and about
    --Click the widget to see account settings, find Facebook friends, invite friends, support, terms, privacy, and logout
  • see new pins
The best part is that when you pin or repin, you can select a board from the drop-down list. I've been just letting my pins/repins land where they may, and then editing to place them on the correct board. This method left a trail and didn't break the link but it made no sense for anyone repinning off of my pins/repins.

So...Oh Happy Day!...Pinterest is now an Android app that is way cool.

If you search the App Store for Pinterest, you'll find several other new apps that provide all sorts of extras.

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