Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Internet Genealogy Article

If you look on page 44 of the Dec/Jan issue of Internet Genealogy, you'll find an article by yours truly. The article covers using Joliprint to convert webpages into PDFs...pursuing a paperless world.

Basically, you find a webpage (and you have to be on the lowest level page), copy the address (the http:// bit), go to Joliprint, paste the addess in the Save your links... field, and click the Joliprint it button. Joliprint responds with a first rate PDF of the webpage without all of the webpage spam...that is all of the surrounding stuff the page...like ads.

I'm hoping to have additional articles published in Internet Genealogy. Of course, there are never any promises with this sort of thing and it requires that I get off my duff and write. We'll see what I manage to accomplish.

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