Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Generated Lists Part 4

When you add labels, Word keeps the labels, assuming that you'll want them in other documents. So don't be surprised if you open a new document and start to insert a caption and find labels you've added in the past. When you open the Caption dialog, Word may or may not pick the label you want to use. You can switch to a new label in a couple of clicks.

Switching Labels
When you open the Captions dialog, click the drop-down arrow in the Label field, click a new label, and the caption in the Caption field above updates. Type the text of your caption, and then select OK.

When the list of labels gets out of hand...and it will, you can select a label and delete it.

Deleting a Label
Select the label in the Label drop-down list, and then click the Delete Label button. Word removes the label from the list. When you open new documents, the label won't appear in the list. Note that you cannot delete the default labels: Equation, Figure, Table.

Upcoming Posts
We still have more to do with labels...lots of fun to come. 

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