Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Graphic Anchors

When you paste a piece of clip art into a Word document, it will frequently paste with a position selected based on where you clicked in the document. If you display hidden codes, you will find a small anchor near the clip art, which is your hint that a position has been selected. Note that the anchor is sometime embedded in the clip art and not easy to see.

If the automatically selected position is good; that is, what you need in that instance, you don't need to worry about the anchor. The trouble starts when you begin to edit. The graphic goes where the anchor goes and the anchor can sometimes move to some most unfortunate places.

The workaround that I've already given you is to insert a table. See Word Tables Aren't Just for Lists. However, this workaround isn't always the most convenient way to handle a graphic...any graphic, including clip art. So in the next few posts we're going to talk about properly placing graphics...that is, the method you're supposed to use but attempt to avoid because so much can go wrong! Still, if I'm honest, I should give you all the options I know and I know how to work with graphics.

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