Monday, September 5, 2011

Setting Up a Book Template Part 10

Open the document we've been working with (Genealogy Book) and confirm that the hidden codes are showing. Scroll to page 25.

Adding Index (Pages 25, 26, 27, and 28)

  1. Click in the first empty line on page 25.
  2. Type Index, and apply the Heading 1 style to the text.
  3. Double-click above Index to open the page header (page 25).
  4. Check the header bubbles. They should say something similar to
    First Page Header -Section 6- and Same as Previous.
  5. Double-click below Index to close the page header (page 25).
  6. If you haven't already done so, press Enter to add empty lines for four pages. Adding four pages displays the running headers and footers so that you can see them and make changes as necessary.
Changing Headers and Footers for the Index

Header Page 25
Scroll back to page 25 and look at the header area. Since this page is an odd page and the beginning of a new section, the header should be empty.

Footer Page 25
Scroll to the bottom of page 25 and look at the footer. It should says 13 for page 13. 

    Header and Footer Page 26
    This even numbered 14 for index but page 26 of the template is as it should be. The book title is in the header and the page number (14) is in the footer.

    Header and Footer Page 27
    This odd numbered 15 for appendix a but page 27 of the template needs some work. The header says Appendix A: Scanned Census  Records but is should say Index.
    1. Click in the header area.
    2. Remove Same as Previous from the header. 
      In Word 2003, on the View menu, click Header and Footer, and then click Link to Previous.
      In Word 2007 or 2010, notice that you've had a new tab turn up with the title Header & Footer Tools Design. Click the tab, locate the Navigation Group, and click the highlightedLink to Previous.
    3. Select the text Appendix A: Scanned Census Records and replace it with the text Index.
    4. Scroll to the footer. It says page 15, which is what you want it to say.
    Header and Footer Page 28
    This even numbered 16 for the index but page 28 of the template is as it should be. The book title is in the header and the page number (16) is in the footer.

    Starting a New Section (Page 29)
    1. Double-click in the body of page 28. The headers and footers close.
    2. From the top of page 28 (16), click in the fourth or fifth empty line.
    3. Add a Next Page section break. This creates page 29 of the template.
      --In Word 2003, click Insert on the menu bar, and then select Break. The Break dialog appears. Under Sections break types, select Next Page.
      In Word 2007/2010, click Page Layout, and in the Page Setup Group, select Breaks. The Break dialog appears. Under Sections Breaks, select Next Page.
    Your header disappears because this page is the beginning of a new section (Back Cover).

    All we have left to do for the template is the back cover of the book. Then we'll talk about save options.

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