Monday, July 11, 2011

Frame Up Part Two

For the most part, you can ignore the Setting options. As you learn to use this dialog more, you can come back and decide if the Setting options help you.

Pick a line style. Use the scroll bar to see additional line styles to select.

If you're going to print the document, stick to black or shades of gray. If you're going to PDF and post, pick a color.

Pick a line width. Click the drop-down arrow to see what your options are.

To add a line, click the above, below, or beside line icon. Look at the preview to see the where the line was added.

To remove a line, click the icon so that it disappears from the preview.

For example, if you are altering a Header style, you might want to put a line under heading text. Click the below line icon and the Preview updates to show the line below the text. Or, you can click the above line icon and have your heading text appear below the line. Check the preview to see what the results are.

Apply to
In the case of altering a style, your only choice will most likely be Paragraph.
  • Accept the default of Paragraph.
  • Click OK.
The Borders and Shading dialog appears in a number of other instances, which means that the Apply to field can have a number of additional options appearing on it. Pay attention to this field whenever you use dialog.

After you've picked one or more of the line icons, the tendency of the software is to keep it. If you decide to alter the style, the Preview might not update. If that happens, click the line icons to remove all of the lines. Save the changes. Display the dialog again and pick the lines you want to use.

More to come later.

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