Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frame Up Part One

Global Tab Changes
Since we are talking about styles and making global changes, remember that how you make the change is important. To make global changes, display the Borders and Shading dialog via the Modify Style dialog.

Before I talk about actually using this dialog, I'm going to talk about why you'd want to use it.

Frame Your Text

In a Word document, you'll use the Borders dialog to create styles that include a line above or below text. The lines frame your text into sections. Using lines is optional but a nice to know skill. Knowing how and when to use them can add polish to your documents.

Heading 1 or 2: You might want to add a line to a heading style to create a visual break for your reader. When you add a line above or below Heading 1 text, you tell your reader at a glance that they are starting a major section.

Headers: Add a line below to a header style and the system draws a line across the top of your page...the top edge of a page frame. Your header text appears above the line.

Footers: Add a line above to a footer style and the system draws a line across the bottom of your page...the bottom edge of a page frame. Your footer text appears below the line.

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In my next post, I'll explain how you use the dialog to get these results.

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