Friday, October 8, 2010

Paint Presentation

I've been tinkering with the Paint presentation again. It's a fun little item. I created the presentation in Google Docs and shared it with Pattie. We can both go in and edit. Also, when we get ready to do a presentation, we can do it from any computer located anywhere in the world. Welcome to cloud computing! The presentation template in Google Docs is a bit quirky but still managable. The topic should be a fun one. We're booked to do the first one in July 2011 at the FGS meeting in Tampa.

I've also been working on the FSGS newsletter. I'm the editor. The issue is turing out to be a good one. I managed to snag an article from George G. Morgan. I'm hoping to get more national/internation figures like him to contribute. It's a matter of me plunking up the nerve to approach people and ask them...and then accepting "No!" gracefully in the hopes that I'll get an occassional "Yes!" We'll see how much nerve I can work up.

I'm making progress on my "tree" book but my family saga is dead in the water. Maybe over the winter I can revive it. Pattie has all of these ISBN numbers that we have to use up...

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