Friday, October 15, 2010

FSGS Newsletter

As of this week the newsletter is with the printer. So now it's a matter of waiting to get the print version out there. I've already deployed the email version. I'm not hearing much so far. Sometimes it seems to take a few days before I start hearing anything positive or negative about it.

Now the hunt for the next "find" is on. So far I've pretty much managed to unearth something new for each issue. I suppose I'll run into something over the next two months.

One interesting item is that Barnes & Noble seems to going into the eBook publishing business for self-publishing on their reader (Nook). It looks interesting...something that genealogist shouldn't ignore.

Pattie and I are off to the St. Pete meeting tomorrow. It's the first time we are going. Sharon Tate Moody is speaking. So we thought we'd go on an adventure. It will be interesting to see if Sharon remembers us.

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