Friday, August 8, 2014

Family Group Sheet Fillable Form and Shading on Fields

This summer has been interesting. Had you been a friend on my Facebook page, you would have been treated to updates on how I was recovering from a broken ankle. I made sure to include a few gruesome pictures. That was in early June. By the middle of June, my computer conked out and I just didn’t have the ump necessary to get it fixed until this week. Like my computer, I'm on the mend. Luckily, only one person posted a question, which was in reference to the family group sheet fillable form. Here’s a paraphrase of that question.

How do I remove the shading on the fillable fields?
The shading is a global option…a toggle that gets turned on or off. When I created the form, I wanted you to always be aware of the fields, so I set the control to Always (on). Here are the Word 2007/2010 steps to change the option to Never (off).
  1. Open the form and stop protection so that you can make a change to the form.
  2. Click File, and then Options to open the Word Options menu. 
  3. Click Advanced, and then scroll down to Show document content.
  4. Locate Field shading, and then pick Never from the drop-down menu. 
  5. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog to save the change. The shading on fillable fields disappears. The fields are still there but not showing.
  6. Start protection again so that your form cannot be changed.

I'll be adding this new post to the Fillable Forms Archive post.

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