Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Four Generation Chart in Word SmartArt...Word 2003 options

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I had a few minutes today on the computer where I have Word 2003 installed. So I went poking around. While you don't have as many choices as you do in more recent versions of Word, it's not as limited as I originally thought.

Here are the menu selections you make to get to the charts in Word 2003. Word automatically inserts the default organization chart.

In addition, Word displays the Organization Chart toolbar. If you click outside of the chart area, the toolbar closes. To open it again, click inside of the chart area. 

This chart works like all of the others I've been talking about. Click in a box and start typing text. 

Adding boxes in Word 2003 is different. You use options (Assistant, Coworker, Subordinate) from the Insert Shape drop-down list to add boxes in different locations.

If you want additional options for formatting, click the Auto Format button to display the chart style gallery. Pick a style from the gallery to see how it changes your chart.

Use options on the Layout drop-down to change the arrangements of the boxes. 

So there you have some of what you can do in Word 2003. I'll pick up writing about the Word 2007/2010 versions in my next post. 


  1. These smart art tutorials in word have been great. Always looking forward to what you create for genealogical interests.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Comments like yours keep me going. I haven't been posting much of late...too much going on in my life. If you can think of topic I haven't covered, please write. If I don't know, I'm happy to poke around and figure it out.