Sunday, July 15, 2012

Next Week + Pinterest and Find A Grave

I have a work project that suddenly turned nuclear. So, I won't be posting this week coming. I'll be having fun 10 hour days with people screaming...the whole nightmare scenario.

With the MS Word mail merge postings, I'm sure I've given you quite a bit to chew on. I'll get back to posting when I can...probably in a week or so. We have lots more that we can do...forms, working in different views, and so forth.

Pinterest and Find A Grave
If you've read this blog, you know I have an ongoing interest in Pinterest. If you've read my family research blog, you know I have long standing love affair going with Find A Grave.

I was curious as to whether Find A Grave had a pinning policy. So I sent them an email asking for comments. It turns out that Find A Grave has no specific policy. However, they also have no problem with pinners pinning individual memorials. Their position is that pinning does nothing more than bring a reader to a spot (the memorial) and that the copyright that is attached to photographs on the memorial remains intact.

This position of course means that a pinner could create a board (cemetery) and pin all of their memorials to it. You can create a virtual cemetery inside of Find A Grave; however, many of my  younger relatives haven't joined Find A Grave. Being able to add a memorial in Pinterest puts the grave site in front of them without their having to be a member of Find A Grave. So is this another way to coax younger family members into genealogy? We'll see.

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