Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slippery Table Squares

When you are working with a table, have you ever noticed the two small squares that appear and disappear at the beginning and end of the table? They have a use.
  • Upper Square: Click this square once and you select the entire table. For example, you might want to click this button when you need to copy and paste a table.
  • Lower Square: Point your cursor at this square and your cursor turns into a double-arrow. When you see the double-arrow, click your mouse button once and hold it. Your cursor turns into cross-hairs. Move your mouse and Word resizes the entire table.
The squares can be slippery little buggers--appearing and disappearing as you move your cursor near them. If you're having trouble grabbing one, click anywhere inside the table once to anchor your cursor to the table, and then you should be able to click a square successfully.

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