Monday, May 14, 2012

More Please...Part 5

And, as always with Word, you can find the Find and Replace dialog tucked into one additional place if you're using Word 2007 or 2010. Look in the lower left of any open document.

  • Click Page X of X. The Find and Replace dialog appears. Notice it's on the Go To tab; however, you can select and use the Find or Replace tabs.
  • Click Words: XX/XXXXX. The Word Count dialog appears...really handy when you're trying to keep track of the word count in an article. 
  • Click the book with the red X (third button from the left). The Spell Check pop-up appears. The red X tells you that your document has misspelled words in it. If you don't see the red X, your document is clean. 
  • Click the last button if you've been messing with macros. We haven't talked about macros. You can use them to have your system complete a series of steps for you. Using macros is an advanced technique. Perhaps later we'll get into a few of them. I rarely use them; however, there are a few you might be interested in. 

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