Monday, April 2, 2012

Table It!...Part 18...AutoFit

Again...When your cursor is in a table and you right-click, the pop-up menu that appears includes table related options. The last two options in the group we've been looking at are Borders and Shading... and AutoFit.

Borders and Shading...
If you click this option, you see a familiar that we've spent lots of time on. See these posts:
Table It!...Part 10...Borders Tab
Table It!...Part 11...Affecting Cells


  • Select AutoFit to contents if you want the width of a column governed by its contents. For example, a column with three characters in it will be narrower than a column with ten characters.
  • Select AutoFit to window if you want a table that has equal columns spaced across the width of the page. In addition, you can make adjustments on the fly. 
  • Select Fixed column width if you want the table to resize itself in relation to the margins; that is, the entire width of the page. You can set the width using the up and down arrows to create a table that isn't as wide; that is, it doesn't go margin to margin. In addition, you can make adjustments on the fly

You've seen these options before in Table It!...Part 2. See that post for more details.

Upcoming Posts
If you're a Word 2003 user, we have a few more options to look at on the Table menu.

If you're a Word 2007/2010, you have options we need to look at on two tabs: Design and Layout.

I'll finish up the Word 2003 options, and then we'll tackle the Design and Layout tabs.


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