Monday, February 6, 2012

Too Cool QR Tool...

QR codes are turning up everywhere. They are usually black and white and square...boring! Unitag gives you options. 

QR codes can be in color.

QR codes codes can appear with different alignments.
QR codes can include text.

QR codes can include a background picture.

At RootsTech Thomas MacEntee more or less indicated that QR codes should be on just about anything that you can get them to stick to...a tee-shirt, a mug, anything printed, gravestones... However, as you can see, you don't need to be stuck with the plain black and white version. You can add color and interest. To play with this too cool tool, visit Unitag ( and get creative.


  1. More "stuff I didn't know" - thanks for sharing this, and I'll definitely keep the link.

  2. It's a new world!

    If you google "color QR code generator" you'll find that there are several of them out there. I thought this particular one included lots of options for doing lots of fun stuff.