Sunday, February 19, 2012

Playing with Camera in Tablet

My Garden
Ha! You find pictures you've taken with the tablet under From Your Phone!

At last, I have a view finder I can handle. I'm not fussing with a tiny digital camera. 

Problem is when you are outside the screen doesn't let you get a good look at what you are shooting. Still the picture is a nice one. The day here in Florida has been sunny and then over cast, threatening to rain. The more over cast the day is the easier it is to see picture composition. Going to graveyards may be an activity best done on over cast days both for the camera and heat here in Florida.

The next version of the Android operating system (Ice Cream), which I have yet to locate, is suppose to fix problems with the camera. I'm not sure what those problems might be. The camera is pretty easy to use. Uploading pictures using Blogger...well not so easy. I'm getting quirky things happening to me while doing this blog post...things that do not happen on my laptop. Still it might be my learning curve. The Galaxy Girls at RootsTech did note that they don't do their blog posts on tablets. 

P.S. In  the category of snide remarks, the man in my life observed, "For someone who kicked and screamed about buying that thing (the tablet), you sure are on it a lot." Since he paid for it, I just don't want to tell him I'm trying to justify the purchase because again I see no burning need to have one of these things. 

Same thing for the hotspot he bought...nice to own but is it really necessary? I guess only time will tell.

P.P.S. I'm on my laptop now...big cannot edit a published blog post on the get no Update button.

On the plus side, if you press Ctrl + S on the tablet, you get a list of sites where you can share your blog post (the usual suspects...Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.). So now I'm wondering what other keyboard shortcuts did they build into the tablet docking station?

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