Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Tablet...A Geek at Work...Astrology

One of the geeks at work spotted my Asus tablet, grabbed it, and loaded my work email and calendar on it.

When I explained that I had loaded something I didn't want, he showed me how to get rid of it. You hold your finger down on it, and when Remove appears at the top of the screen, you swipe your finger toward it to toss away the app.

I was complaining that I had no idea where apps will wind up when I load them. He installed Apps Organizer and showed me how to add labels and organize the apps. So--after a weekend of moving apps around--I should have all of my genealogy apps labeled Genealogy so that I can find them all in one click. Wish me luck...I may need it.

My geek also showed me how to move apps around...including moving the camera from the master App list to the home view (correct term?) where I can get to it quickly. Touch an app to select it and then start dragging your finger to where you want to drop the app.

I'm still carrying the tablet around with me everyday and everywhere. I'm trying to integrate it into my everyday life. I keep trying to  embrace it but I'm still happiest on my laptop. I keep saying that if you learn to use a laptop well you won't want a tablet because a laptop is so much easier to use. Yet, lots of people I know are clinging to their tablets. I'm trying to adjust my attitude, thinking perhaps I'm just not getting it. But the harder I try to make myself use it, the more stuff I find that is easier to complete on a laptop.

Here's a quirk for you. The tablets have no Delete button (at least no tablets I've seen). When you want to delete something, you tap the screen at the end of where you want to start deleting and a tag (cursor) turns up to mark your location. You use your finger to move the tag to the end of where you want to start deleting and start pressing the Backspace button. So you can delete but it's a bit clumsier.

My work geek suggested that I download an app named Lookout. If I lose my table or it goes missing, the app will let me track it down (GPS and the camera I think). Of course, getting it back might be a different story.

The one good thing I can point to is the battery life. Again, the tablet has been running for the better part of four days in and out of the docking station. I've been on and off of it during the four days and the battery is at 23%. I cannot complain about battery performance! Both the tablet and the keyboard docking station each have a battery. When I charge the tablet, it charges both, and as long as the tablet is docked, it runs primarily off of the docking station battery. Of course when I undock the tablet, it runs on the tablet battery.

And then there's my horoscope. I'm an Aries and in the Tampa paper this a.m. it says, "Resistance to change might be futile. New technologies and gadgets may complicate your life, but you must be willing to bend with the winds of the latest trends. Loved one might be surprisingly rebellious." I think I might better cope with a surprisingly rebellious loved one than I'm coping with the new technology. But who can resist the winds of the latest trends?

So that's the progress report on the tablet. I'm still not giving up...there is my horoscope to must be something I'm just not seeing...

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