Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mac Messenger...Hard Page Break

I had a reader of this blog (Nova) ask me a Mac-related question. I don't use a Mac. I'm a PC gal all the way. I've had my fingers on the keys of a Mac once for about 10 minutes.

Nova's question: How do you add a hard page break using a keyboard shortcut?

Seems Nova has the newest version of Word for Mac and Mac added the shortcut...but didn't provide details. I googled and according to what I was reading, it's the same as on a PC...Ctrl + Enter. Nova tried it and it didn't work.

So I emailed Pattie who emailed her sister Mary (a Mac user and avid Apple fan). Mary's advice was to press the Ctrl key and the Enter key on the number keypad.

Nova reports that this method works! 

So, if you're a Mac user who needs this solution, you have Nova to thank for asking the question and Mary for suggesting a solution. Me? I'm just the messenger.

P.S. Nova--Did I get the details right? If no, please post a comment with corrections!


  1. You got it. It works! Again, many thanks for your help, especially when this tip saves one a lot of time.


  2. What if you don't have a number keypad?

    1. Hi Tyler--You have a keyboard that doesn't have a keypad? Hmmmm...went out and read. Seems it's supposed to be Command + Enter but what actually works is FN + Enter. See if either of these combos work.