Friday, February 3, 2012

Exhausted! But happy at RootsTech...

I'm hold up in the hotel room this a.m. creating group sheets for research later this morning at the library. The first thing on the conference schedule today that I'm interested in isn't until 1:45 p.m. So I'll go hang out at the library and do research using my new tablet. I figure if this thing is really going to be worth the money then I need to learn to use it and use it well.

I also broke down and bought a copy of Roots Magic. I've used old PAF for years because nobody could ever tell me enough to convince me to give it up. It's very basic but also highly functional. The one thing I've been loath to give up is the Custom User field, which is where I put all of my research coding. I finally got a chance to describe what I'm doing to software people. Most of them had glazed over eyes. Only the Roots Magic guy could tell me how to do what I do in his software. He even told me I could sort based on the functionally that will help! I plunked down my cash. Pattie took a picture because she couldn't believe that someone had finally talked me into an up-to-date program. Because I'm buying it at the conference, I got a bonus...a user guide. Being a technical writer, I'll read it.

Pattie took off early this a.m. to hang out in the exhibitor's area. There are all sorts of unannounced events happening on the floor. A demo here, a discussion there, and networking like crazy. MicroSoft set up a playground with ping pong and the like. It's getting lots of use.

Geneabloggers are all running around wearing big colorful beads so we can identify each other. Apparently, there are quite a few of us here at RootsTech based on the beads I see going to and fro in the crowd. We've been talking to each other. I need to spend some time reading more of these blogs. The people are interesting and I would imagine that extends to their blogs too.

So it's off to the shower before housekeeping arrives and gets upset with me for not leaving the room so they can do their job and go home.

More later...

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  1. Customer service like you just described is the reason I use RootsMagic as well. Hope it does the job for you.