Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hyperlinks Part 1

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Embedded Hyperlinks

When you produce a Word document, you can add hyperlinks in the document. The links can be to:
  • An existing file or webpage (a file stored on your system or elsewhere or the webpage of another researcher)
  • A place in the current document (your reader can move from page 3 to page 23 in one click)
  • A place in a new document that you create on the fly (your new document...a subdocument)
  • An email address (your reader's mail program launches to send an email)
I'm going to be going through setting up each of these hyperlinks. The interesting part is that after you add hyperlinks, they are active links in not only the .doc or .docx (Word document) but also in any PDFs you create. These types of links polish your document and demonstrate your command of Word...you look like a Word hotshot! So get ready to learn to insert hyperlinks.

P.S. You've already done this task in a slightly different form. When you create an electronic table of contents, index entry, or crossreference, you have the option of making each of these elements a hyperlink...which works in the .doc or .docx versions as well as the PDF versions. This functionality again demonstrates the many interconnected pieces and parts of MS Word.

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