Friday, December 2, 2011

Generated Lists Part 2

Adding a List of Figures
After you've added several captions below figures, you can insert a list. You can insert the list after the table of contents. Or, you can place it anywhere else in the document--for an example, you might have the list in a appendix at the end of the book. To insert the table of figures, you use the Table of Figures dialog.

  1. Open the document you created...the one with the inserted captions.
  2. Click your cursor in the place where you'd like to insert the list of figures.
    If you're trying to place the list at the end of a table of contents, add a few empty lines and then add a page break (Ctrl + Enter).
  3. Display the Table of Figures dialog.
    --Word 2003: Select Insert, Reference, Index and Tables, and the Table of Figures.
    --Word 2007/2010: On the Reference menu, locate the Captions group, and click the Insert Table of Figures button.
    The Table if Figures dialog appears.
  4. Confirm that Tab leader field has leader dots selected, and then click OK. The list appears.
Updating the List
As you add more graphics and captions to your document, you are going to want to update the list. To do so, highlight any portion of Table of Figures, and press F9. A dialog appears.
Select Update entire table, and then click OK. New entries, updated captions, and page numbers update.

Other Types of List
They are possible and we're going to talk about them in upcoming posts. The process is similar and just as easy as what you've experienced in the previous post and this post. So stay tuned because there's more to come.

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