Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And the conference madness continues...

I'm sitting here cutting 100 CDs...50 per class. Pattie and I are doing two presentations at the FSGS 2011 conference in Maitland, Florida this weekend. Computers are supposed to save paper. However, the opposite is true. We do a mail merge for one of the presentations and it has 24 slides of instructions. It would be awfully hard to expect any society to support printing a 24 page handout or even a 12 page handout...thus I cut CDs.

The other news I have is that it appears that I'm going to have an article published in the upcoming issue of Internet Genealogy. It's about Joliprint. The editor sent me a high resolution copy of the article. Yeah!

And...Pattie and I decided to go to RootsTech. We're both registered and have airline we need a room. This event isn't until February. Considering the subject matter, it seemed to be a natural for us.

I'll try to post from the conference. One thing I'm going to do at the conference is talk to Bonnie because she read this blog. I'm hoping to get a reader's view point and suggestions. Of course, I'll have to park my ego so I can hear what she's saying. That task is never easy for anyone.

I promise I'll get back to really posting next week.

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  1. I'll be at RootsTech also. I hope we're able to meet.