Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Setting Up a Book Template Part 17

Hope you figured out the footers with the lines. I didn't provide step-by-step instructions because I figure you've been in and out of the footer enough that you should be able to handle it with the mininal comments I made. If that isn't the case, post a comment and I'll add the instructions.

We've pretty much exhausted the topic of setting up a template. If you follow the parts 1-16, you should have a working template. More important, you should have a better understanding of what Word does with section breaks, Same as previous (on or not), and dealing with headers and footers, including automation.

Recently, we've been working with a copy of the Genealogy Book template. Don't forget to save the changes you've made--for example, adding and applying the style Header_Line--you need to save the instance of Genealogy Book.doc (or docx) as Genealogy Book.dot (or dotx). You already learned to do this task in Part 12.

The next task of course is yours; that is, writing a book. Open your template, add text, add chapters, update your table of contents, add index entries and insert an index, and finalize your document.
I'll be moving on to other topics...I'm not sure where I'll go. If you have something you'd like me talk about, please email me (info@technology-tamers.com) or post a comment with a suggestion or question.

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