Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Toys...Save page as PDF

If you look down the right side of the page, you'll notice a new button:

Click it and you'll get a PDF of this blog page.

After you click the button, a secondary window pops up, your system whirs and spins for about a minute while it ponders your request, and then your PDF is available. Because of security on my system, I have to click a security bar to allow the display of the PDF dialog. After I click the bar, I have the option of opening or saving the PDF.

If you have a blog or website to which you'd like to add this button, visit Web2PDF at http://web2.pdfonline.com/pdfonline/web/userOverview.asp. You sign up for free, enter the address for your blog or website, click a generate button, and Web2PDF generates the JavaScript you need. Copy the script into HTML/JavaScript gadget at your site and the button appears.

I don't plan on deleting anything I've posted to this blog. However, if you find something that I've posted that you want to save, this button should help you do that easily.

Joliprint...another PDF toy
If you visit the Joliprint.com site, you can install their free add-on, which allows you to turn many of the pages you visit online into PDFs. I've been playing with this toy, and depending on the type of page I'm visiting, I'm frequently getting a lovely PDF that I can store or print.

If you get a message telling you that Joliprint can't be used on the current webpage, try displaying a subpage. For example, if you wanted a PDF of a post on this page, go into Labels area and pick the link for the topic you want; for example, pick Color to get a PDF of the post that explains the color dialogs. A smaller subpage appears with a post or a few posts. Picking a label gets you to the smaller subpages and it appears that Joliprint likes these smaller pages better because it works for me.

So have some fun trying these PDF toys.

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