Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post Sarasota

Sarasota was fun; however, I hardly got to go to any of the presentations...well actually there were only a few that I was interested in. I got to those so I shouldn't complain. It just wasn't a good year for me as far as breakout sessions were concerned.

I have scads of FSGS newsletter work to do. The February issue should be jammed packed. I'm hoping that the "fishing" I was doing at the meeting pays off in articles from new writers. I get so tired seeing my own name in print. I'm gonna start making up nome de plumes just for fun. I once wrote under the name Crystal Klear Wrighter (say it)and had a whole company guessing who Crystal was. The writers made up all sorts of wild stories about who Crystal was. Perhaps I can come up with a fun one for a genealogist.

I ended up with a cold. It started in my head and dropped to my chest. I'm sure I ran into the germ somewhere in Sarasota. I've lost my voice twice. It's such a pain.

On the plus side, I'll have four days to do all sorts of things that I've been meaning to do. Writing, writing, writng, printing, printing, printing, emailing, emailing, get the idea. I have a newsletter competition to enter, a book to update, and other projects to work on.

Garry and I will go out for dinner on Thursday. I might even be able to get out into my garden (heaven!).

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