Using Google

Using Google to Find the Living

Have you been so busy looking for the dead that you've forgotten to look for the living?

Genealogy by its very nature focuses on dead relatives. However, if you concentrate only on the dead, you're missing opportunities to interact with living relatives who can be a source of much information. If your members are at a loss for how to find living relatives, this presentation is for them.

In this presentation, Pam (an admitted Google addict) shows you how to use search engines like Google to locate resources as well as personal information on living people...all from public records. Pam can show you how to use people search sites and investigative sites to get current addresses and phone numbers for living people. When you know how to search, you can get all sorts of leads on living family members. You can use this information to complete family trees and contact these distant relatives who may have the exact piece of information that you need to complete your records.


This one hour presentation costs $50.00 in the Tampa Bay area. If your organization is outside of this area, contact us for an estimate of additional travel costs.

The cost of the presentation includes 30 sets of presentation-related copies.

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