Lightning Round

This presentation shows bits and pieces of Internet research at a high level. The intent is to introduce topics and provide enough information for a user to get started without getting mired in details or dwelling on just one topic. We call it the Lightning Round because it's fast paced with Pattie and Pam rotating to present short presentations.

The presentation involves showing people how to use:

Using a search engine dedicated to finding living people
Pam uses a small case study and a dedicated search engine to find information on one of her living relatives.

Using a general search engine
Pam walks through using a different type of search that searches using other search engines. This engine is similar to Google but in some ways better because you are using many search engines to find results. Results are categorized by type, History (4), Book(3), Ireland (9), which allows you to target your search.

Using Google
Pam explains search strategies for using Google effectively.

Using iGoogle
Pattie shows how you can set up a customized Google homepage, which helps oganize your blogs and email and calendar and much more...and it's available on any computer anywhere in the world.

Using Find a Grave
Pattie takes you on a tour of the site and shows how it can be used to further your research.

Using Worldcat
Pattie explains searching for publications in layman's terms.

Using Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
Pattie explains what random acts is and how to use it to your best advantage.

Presentation time for topics vary. We can usually do three or four in any one presentation. You can customize the presentation for your group by picking the topics you want to cover.


This one hour presentation costs $50.00 in the Tampa Bay area. If your organization is outside of this area, contact us for an estimate of additional travel costs.

The cost of the presentation includes 30 sets of presentation-related copies.

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