Family Survey

Have you ever wanted to do a cold mailing to everyone with your last name?

If you answered, "Yes," then this presentation is for you. In this presentation, Pattie walks you through the creation of a family survey--both for people know you and people you don't know. She shows the documents you need to produce, tells you where to look for addresses, and explains putting together a budget. Pam jumps in with an explanation of how to use the mail merge application in Word to produce individually addressed letters and mailing labels. Pattie wraps up this presentation with her experiences with dealing with the issue of identify theft and advice on trouble free mailing.


This one hour presentation costs $50.00 in the Tampa Bay area. If your organization is outside of this area, contact us for an estimate of additional travel costs.

The cost of the presentation includes 30 sets of presentation-related copies.

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