Book Workshop

Are your members clamoring to write their own books?

They've tried pressing the buttons in their genealogy software to get it to print a book. But they've been less than satisfied with the results. They all have some software skills but not enough to know how to produce a book on their PCs. Perhaps your society should consider sponsoring this workshop.
Pam and Pattie present a four-hour workshop that covers all the specific skills you need to know to produce a book using Microsoft Word. The book that you are able to produce is a manuscript type of book that prints on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. The instructors explain a skill and demonstrate the skill on a laptop.
Workshop materials include:

A completely illustrated 70+-page book of targeted instructions. The instructors use the same book to present the workshop.

A 20+page template example. The instructors use the sample template to explain templates, documents, and print concepts.

A CD that contains a PDF version of the book of instructions and four ready-to-use book templates. The templates include a duplex layout, a working table of contents, and a working index.


We share the risk…
We split the door proceeds 50/50. The minimum fee for the workshop must be $50.00 per person.
Your society takes the risk…
You pay us a $500 fee plus expenses. You set minimum fee for the workshop.

The total number of attendees for the workshop must be limited to 50 for any four-hour session. With notice, we can book multiple sessions on consecutive days with one session per day.


We have fixed expenses for the production of workshop materials of $5.00 per set. If you want to avoid this expense, we can email the materials to attendees prior to the workshop to allow them to print the materials and bring them to the workshop.

Depending on your location, we may incur travel expenses. With the second fee option, your organization would be responsible for those expenses.

Email us at:

The instructors use Word 2003 to present the workshop. However, since the majority of the functionally is present in early versions, almost anyone using Word can benefit from this workshop. These instructions will also work with the newest version of Word—Vista.