Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pin4Ever...Pinterest Backup

Success always brings spinoff businesses. Thus we have the launch of Pin4Ever, which is a backup service for Pinterest. You create an account, run a backup, and you're done. Click here if you're interested in trying this free trial. If you like the free trail, the service is moderately priced ($19.99 per year).

If you're in business and want to have a backup of your pins, $19.99 is a drop in the bucket. If you're a casual pinner, I can't see where you'd be all that interested. You can always create a PDF of your boards but that requires more than the one-click Pin4Ever solution.

Click here to see the post on creating PDFs of Pinterest boards.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Pin4Ever! I'll be pinning this to my board. We have added quite a few more Pinterest power tools besides backups now. We have bulk pin editing, Create a Pin, bulk image upload from your computer or from websites like Facebook and Instagram, restoring boards or a whole Pinterest account from a backup, Pin Anything (custom screenshot when the Pin It button doesn't work), and more! We have saved, edited and uploaded over 56 million pins for our customers since we started in September 2012.

    1. Hi Christina--Looks like I'll be surfing back over to your site to see what you've been up to since I last visited. Sounds like you have all been quite busy!