Paint and Genealogy

Do you know how to create unique captures of pieces of pages from a website?

A substantial number of genealogists do not know how to do screen captures from websites and then use Paint, a free graphics program that comes with Windows, to create unique captures that are similar to photocopies.

This program introduces genealogists to Paint and shows them skills that they can use to jumpstart their use of this piece of ignored software. The skills are specifically aimed at completing genealogy-related tasks. However, the skills can be applied to anything that can be displayed on a computer screen.

This presentation and the skills discussed are unique. If you look on the Internet, you will not find a discussion that touches on the uses of Paint that are presented in this presentation. In addition, as more content providers learn how to prevent users from copying pages from the Web, these skills will become essential.


This one hour presentation costs $50.00 in the Tampa Bay area. If your organization is outside of this area, contact us for an estimate of additional travel costs.

The cost of the presentation includes 30 sets of presentation-related copies.

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